Source code for heron.models

import numpy as np

[docs]class Model(object): """ This is the factory class for statistical models used for waveform generation. A model class must expose the followi*** TODO Email about Away Dayc_ind = {j:i for i,j in columns.items()}c_ind = {j:i for i,j in columns.items()}ng methods: - `distribution` : produce a distribution of waveforms at a given point in the parameter space - `mean` : produce a mean waveform at a given point in the parameter space - `train` : provide an interface for training the model """ def __init__(self): """ Make some default initialisations. These don't really mean anything, but it's important that the variables exist. This __init__ function ought to be usable as a template for other functions, or run from the superclass. """ # Need to explicitly set the number of dimensions of the training data. # TODO: Decide if this is actually required. self.x_dimensions = 2 # Need to create a lookup table between the columns in the model # and their location in the training data self.columns = {0: "time", 1: "second quantity"} self.c_ind = {j:i for i,j in self.columns.items()} # The training data contains both the x and the y data, so we need # to specify which are parameters. # It's worth noting that right now, time isn't a parameter... self.parameters = ("second quantity",) def _process_inputs(self, times, p): """ Apply regularisations and normalisations to any input point dictionary. Parameters ---------- times: list, array-like An array of time stamps. p : dict A dictionary of the input locations """ # The default implementation of this method just passes the data straight through. return times, p def _generate_eval_matrix(self, p, times): """ Create the matrix of parameter points at which to evaluate the model. """ times, p = self._process_inputs(times, p) nt = len(times) points = np.ones((nt, self.x_dimensions)) points[:,self.c_ind['time']] = times for parameter in self.parameters: if parameter in p.keys(): value = p[parameter] else: value = 0.0 points[:, self.c_ind[parameter]] *= value return points pass